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Your Regular Reminder that Your Business Data is a Critical Asset

Your Regular Reminder that Your Business Data is a Critical Asset

Did you know there was a National Records and Information Management Day? This day would laud the efforts of business individuals to best manage their paper documents, and it has been around since 1995 to work alongside the Paperwork Reduction Act. Nowadays, it’s less of a day and officially the entire month, and it’s all designed to increase awareness of document management best practices and awareness.

Here are some of the best practices you can implement to keep document management at top of your mind year-round.

Data Management Practices That Keep Your Company Safe

There are various ways that you can optimize the data that your business stores, such as:

Intelligent Storage Practices

You’ll be storing your data somewhere, so rather than keep it on individual workstations or devices, set up a shared network location that can be accessed from any of your connected devices. This provides greater control over documents and also enables easier (and better) collaboration.

Multiple Storage Platforms

Of course, one storage system is probably not going to cut it—not when you want to have multiple copies of your data as a redundancy practice. You can utilize cloud-based resources to store additional copies of your data infrastructure. This will also make remote and hybrid work much easier as a result. It also helps to guarantee that, should anything happen to your infrastructure, you’ll still maintain access to your records.

The 3-2-1 rule is absolutely crucial here. You store three copies of your data, at minimum, in two different storage mediums, one of which is cloud-based.

Implementing and Maintaining Standards

Of course, there is a difference between keeping your data and using your data, so if you have to use it, you need to have standards in place for how it’s stored. Things like naming conventions and policies can go a long way toward making your data more usable by all parties involved.

These standards should include things like dates, project names, and any other relevant information that might be important for your employees.

Your Documents and Files Are Incredibly Important

For more help with managing your important business documents, Leone Technologies can help. Contact us today at (856) 524-7045 .

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